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  • Central Carinthia - The authentic travel experience.

    From a geographical point of view Central Carinthia is located between the Saualpe pasture in the East and the Nockberge to the Northwest. It is a characteristically rural Region, with a few small towns and municipalities. Apart from the beauty and variety of nature, Central Carinthia offers its guests an opportunity to get to know the rich cultural heritage and history of this land.

    Where mighty Castles and majestic ruins sit enthroned above the idyllic countryside and in the vicinity of warm, cristal-clear bathing lakes,
    here Carinthian grapes (which are the base for excellent wine) grow
    on sunny slopes. The region´s culinary delicacies are an alluring delight.

    Explore this gem on foot, with an (electric) e-mountainbike, or by car - accompanied by our certified hiking guides or independently.

    Electric mountainbikes and Renault Twizys are ready and waiting for you to set off exploring Central Carinthia.


    For more information contact or visit us at our information office:

    Tourist Information
    Hauptplatz 23
    9300 St. Veit/Glan
    +43 (0) 4212/ 45 608



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